Toilet Paper Holder

Simle question – Why you need a toilet paper holder?

It is difficult to imagine a toilet without a toilet paper holder. However, this is often the most ignored fixture in a bathroom and people seldom give any serious thought to its make and model at the time of purchasing it. However, if you do not want to make a random decision at the time of purchasing it, you can use the tips provided below to guide you at the time of buying a toilet paper holder.

Various types of toilet paper holder

The main function of a toilet paper holder is to hold the roll of toilet paper. These holders are also known as toilet paper dispensers and come in five basic models, of which the most popular types are the following – a horizontal axle that is available as a recessed wall fitting and a vertical axle that is available as a recessed wall fitting. These are ideal for both residential and commercial restrooms and can add to the overall look of the space without drawing attention. Each of these designs offers enough friction to ensure easy tearing of the paper by the user and their simple design aids in easy refilling.

Other types of toilet roll holders include a self-standing vertical pole, a horizontal axle that is placed on a self-standing casing and a simple style horizontal piece of wire that is placed on a hinge and hung from the door or the adjoining wall. The last type of roll holder is an ideal pick for cubicle restrooms in a commercial setting. You can find this model in a variation of designs such as those that come with a curved horizontal plate to enclose the roll.

Selecting the right type of toilet paper holder

Selecting the right design and size of toilet paper holder can help in preventing wastage and frequent restocking. In fact, many public toilets are fitted with especially designed holders that make it difficult to steal the toilet rolls and come equipped with ingenious contraptions that release fresh rolls only when the active roll has been used up. Another novel dispensing technique that is employed in the toilet paper dispensers used in elementary schools, releases only small square of toilet paper so that the user cannot clog the toilet with it.

If you do not want to replace toilet paper in your bathroom every few days, you can opt for a freestanding holder that can hold many rolls at the same time and it can be moved with ease anywhere around the washroom. Moreover, these holders prevent the rolls from accumulating germs as happens when the extra rolls are placed out in the open.

While functionality is of utmost importance at the time of narrowing down toilet paper holder choices for use in your restroom, do not ignore the aesthetics either and choose a model that will complement your restroom décor apart from keeping it clean and hygienic. Thus, you should select a specific color, style and design of toilet paper holder that enhances the interiors of the washroom and is appealing to the eye.